Barbara | 12/03/2011

First meeting today and 3 presentations took up the time available followed by lively discussions, cake but no coffee (yet). See photos in photo gallery. The presentations went as follows: 1) Maria Hioni of the 2nd experimental gymnasium/lyceum with a new look at technology and a short video with exercises to stretch our minds participating as students, then another look at CLIL and the industrial revolution which had us all gripped. 2) Niki Nistikaki of 2nd Lycem Virona with a short and amusing video to help us get students talking and having opposing points of view politely, as well as more vocabulary building materials about friendships. 3) I presented my Midsummer Nights Dream materials with PPT and the video of the scene cut to suit the 6th class primary school book. NEXT MEETING SATURDAY 2ND APRIL

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