Last English Forum 2010-2011

Barbara | 11/06/2011

The numbers have not increased but the SENSE OF SOLIDARITY among the group has. The last forum for this academic year consisted of three presentations: 1) Story telling with video and discussion of the genre of fairy tales 2) Using technology to get lyceum students talking and writing was presented by Elena Sotiropoulou of the 17th lyceum of Athens. Elena not only talked us through the process but showed photos and video of her students acting out word spelling, then dancing and singing HAMLET (see photo gallery) 3) Maria Hioni, our excellent hostess, presented a TED video with LP and worksheet, as always stimulating and thought provoking. We look forward to the new academic year's FORUM on SATURDAY 2ND OCTOBER. Anyone wishing to present, contact me but please understand no photocopying facility is available. The coffee machine is now working perfectly.

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